Dating Horoscope CancerDating Horosocpe Cancer

It's like dating the boy or girl next door. Cancer's are nice people who like keeping life simple, comfortable and familiar.

Cancer's are Family Oriented

Donít be surprised if some family members tag along on your dates. Cancers are usually taking care of a relative and canít bear to leave them behind. Besides, they feel more comfortable with a chaperone, so they donít do something inappropriate. Unless you like the idea of family and sharing your life with everyone in their family, than dating a Cancer is for you.

Cancers do so much for others, especially Cancer women. So you really impress them when you get THEM to relax and be waited on. A candlelit dinner wins their heart and shows you care. They may fuss it was too much trouble, and try to clean up so you can relax. Do not! Go all the way and they will never forget the evening.

Include family members on your date, and Cancer will think you are the perfect match for them! This holds true for dating Cancer men as well. Plan outings where you bring along the relatives like a picnic or day at the ball park.

If you like to cook, you win a Cancerís heart by joining them in the kitchen to make new dishes or family favorites, especially for special occasions.

And every other week Cancer has an excuse to invite friends and family over. You two may hardly ever be alone!

Cancers Collect Memories

Cancers are nostalgic and love to show their photos and family videos. They have a collection of family heirlooms, and you make points if you let them brag about each special piece.

Cancers stay within their budget, and avoid over spending. They want nice things, but prefer using their money for living expenses like the mortgage. They choose to cook at home rather than go out, but always save money for a vacation, so they get their share of fun.

If you want someone to build a home and family with, look to Cancer for their appreciation of both. Cancers are looking for their other half, and that could be you.

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