Dating Horoscope GeminiDating Horoscope Gemini

Dating a Gemini means you must be ready for anything, because plans go out the window when Gemini decides like there is something else more fun to do that what you had planned for their date. It can feel like you are along for the ride, but they really do want you along and have fun.

Gemini's Dating Likes: Be a Good Listener

There is lots to listen to with Gemini. They can carry on two different conversations at once because they move back and forth between different topics. With a Gemini woman, if you lose your place in the conversation, let them know so they can get you back on track. The same for holds true for Gemini Men.

Geminiís are social people, who enjoy making every occasion fun. They see the humor in everything and enjoy entertaining everyone with their jokes and stories, especially when on a date with someone they want to impress.

They are fun to be around, but makes you wonder if you are just part of their fan base, or do you mean something special to them?

You may not know how a Gemini feels about you, because they arenít sure themselves. One minute they love you, the next they hate you. They feel different ways about you, about everyone, just not at the same time.

Gemini can be the life of the party one minute, and then embroiled in an argument the next with other guests in the same room. However, within a short time they are back to being the life of the party. They are simply more sensitive to reacting to what they are feeling in the moment, regardless of how inappropriate it may seem to others.

Gemini's Love Playing Games

Geminiís, especially Gemini men, love games, whether itís board games, video, billiards, or trivial pursuit. As long as it exercises their brain, they are all in.

They love to win, don't we all, and they have a strategy that no one else sees, so they can score the most points and claim victory for their mental superiority.

They love trying new things, and have a long list of activities they want to do. Find out what you can do with Gemini to add to their desire for excitement and adventure, and make it happen. Thatís what dating is all about!

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